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With all that is going on around the world at this time, this is no doubt a period of increased challenges for many of you – please take extra care

Supporting you to get more out of

your pregnancy and birth

Research shows that women who prepare well for labour and birth are better off in the long-run. Although exciting, getting ready for birth can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting.

As midwife with hands-on experience, I hope to offer you a way to prepare that is not only educational and practical, but gives you the tools to be more resilient, focused and calm.

What can you expect?

Dynamic, interactive classes

Online & in-person

Learn & discover about birth

Essential tools & up-to-date info

Your experience is important

Connect with your body & your baby

Feel calmer and more resilient 

Develop a positive mindset


“Emily helped me immeasurably pre, during & post the birth of my second baby”

– Hanna (NHS Programme Manager, Leeds)


I’m Emily

My hope for you is to have a birth experience that helps you and your baby thrive.

Having a baby can be a wonderful and exciting time, but as a midwife, I know it can also sometimes be daunting and a little confusing trying to get emotionally, mentally & physically ready.

We see over and over how becoming informed and more confident can make a significant impact on birth and early parenting experiences.

By preparing well you can help yourself to have a more satisfying and positive journey where you feel calmer and more in control no matter what birth your are planning or how things unfold.

“You listened so skilfully to me and the baby and merged your intuition with knowledge, which was simply phenomenal and has definitely helped us feel positive, prepared and free from fear.”

– Sarah (Teacher, London)

Does this sound a little familiar?…

  • Do you feel a bit overwhelmed?
  • Are you anxious you won’t have your ‘perfect’ birth?
  • Worried you aren’t going to cope?
  • Looking for some you-time and self-care?
  • Keen to get your head in gear and relax?
  • Do you want to explore what matters to you?


Pregnancy & Birth

Early Parenting

Classes & Sessions

I offer classes to get you ready whatever stage you are at


HYPNOBIRTH – A complete antenatal course covering all the essentials for labour and birth including relaxation techniques for you and your birth partner, physiology & mechanics of birth, and developing birth plans.


IMAGERY – Classes focusing on different stages from conception to birth to parenting based around visualisation exercises that work on the subconscious level and get you tuned into your body and your baby to  transform your experiences from the inside out.


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