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Imagery to transform the journey of childbirth using gentle yet powerful visualisation exercises. Overcome any challenges and find more ease and joy as  grow your family


For relationships, business & life. Bring your conscious awareness into your subconscious, change the way you perceive your reality and create new pathways


Get ready for the arrival of your baby with practical and emotional support that focuses on your hopes and needs as you prepare for a gentle birth

 DreamBirth®   Visualisation

Used by women and couples across the world to transform their journey to parenthood

DreamBirth®  offers a beautiful and gentle way to get yourself ready for the arrival of your baby. The method involves doing short but effective imagery exercises that allow you to harness the power of your right brain and you tap into your intuition.

The Imagery exercises give you the tools to transform your inner world, to know your own personal dream, so that  you can overcome or repair blocks in your way, surrender deeper into your body, and know what choices are right for you as you work towards creating the family and future you want.

Pregnancy & Birth Taster Session

Join the next  monthly group taster class to find out more about  DreamBirth®

Learn Imagery exercises that  you can start doing each day, wherever you are in your pregnancy.


More Details

Sessions are 50 mins

Small interactive  group, via Zoom (link will be sent prior to the class)

Limited spaces

DreamBirth Imagery ®

Learn imagery at any stage, from conception to parenting


Consciously prepare for your pregnancy, move through any blocks or fears & welcome new life into your family


Gently navigate each trimester using your intuition whilst connecting deeper with yourself and your baby

Labour & Birth

Overcome any fears or concerns, train your body for labour, and prepare for the birth that is right for you


Tune into your baby’s natural rhythm and overcome challenges whilst enhancing your recovery


What People Are Saying

” Emily is extremely knowledgable and gentle. She helped me immeasurably pre, during and post the birth of my second baby. “


NHS Project Manager, W Yorkshire

” Emily is professional, sensitive and incredibly skilled in her facilitation of DreamBirth. I feel a sense of readiness to become pregnant again. “


Yoga Teacher & Doula, Devon

About Emily

I have worked with people across the world for over a decade, supporting them to connect with themselves, others, and reach their potential. My approach is about bringing the emphasis back to the intelligence, wisdom and intuition that each person already has within them. 

As a qualified midwife, with a background in psychology, I know what an exciting yet challenging time it can be to birth and nurture. This, alongside my training in DreamBirth®, has given me wonderful resources to support women and their families going through this important time.

Over the years I have seen how the concept of birth relates not simply to procreation but to aspects of our lives, whether this is the incubation of a business idea, the progress of a relationship, or the making of live-changing decisions.  I work with individuals who want to bring conscious awareness and attention to this process, to overcome challenges and self-imposed limitations and live the life and create the future they want. 

work with your unique DreamField® 


Tap into your greater knowing as you navigate relationships, new projects and daily life. Clarify your vision, move through challenges, and manifest your reality in a new way.

Imagery offers a way to look within, to see your personal DreamField® as you see what drives you and your choices make. With this awareness you are able to dissolve old belief patterns and habits that no longer serve you, and shift towards living your higher potential.

Classes for a gentle Birth

Birth Preparation

Get ready for the arrival of your baby by taking time to prepare in a way that is really focused on you and your baby. Explore what you can do practically to have a smoother birth, adapt your environment, and practice different comfort and coping techniques for labour. Whether you are hoping for a physiological birth or already have a caesarean planned, these classes can support you to have a gentle birth and access resources to make decisions that are right for you.

Couple and individual sessions

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