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About Emily

Emily Housman is a registered Midwife, antenatal teacher and DreamBirth visualisation practitioner who lives and works in England. She also holds a degree in Psychology and prior to becoming a midwife she worked for many years in the field of child development and autism with families around the world. It was after attending her first birth (which left her totally awed!) that she decided to became a doula and redirect her work towards families within the context of childbirth, and has taken her to where she is today. 

Emily did her midwifery training in London in a busy city hospital, and she now works for the NHS whilst running her own private birth prep service. She is passionate about helping women and couples to have an easier journey through childbirth and to overcome fears and difficulties they may face along the way to becoming parents.

Imagery and visualisation has become intrinsic in her work because of how profoundly and effortlessly it helps women to connect deeper with themselves and their baby, and have much smoother and gentler births. Emily trained as a DreamBirth Practitioner at the School of Images (NYC) by DreamBirth teacher Claudia Rosenhouse Raiken, who has used imagery successfully in childbirth for years and has many, many stories from women, babies and doctors where imagery has had a profound and positive impact on how their journey unfolded.

Emily works with clients locally and around the world, offering classes and sessions online from preconception to pregnancy, through birth and into parenthood. Her vision is to support harmonious, safe and intuitive birth for families, and to co-create generations of little people who are free, conscious and happy!

Qualifications & trainings

2005-2008  –  BSc Hons Psychology, University College London

2009  –  Son Rise Program Intensive Training (Autism Treatment Centre of America)

2005-2012  – Worked therapeutically with children with autism & their families

2013  –  Birth & Postnatal Doula Training; Mother & Baby International Breastfeeding Course

2015  –  Infant Massage Course (KCL); Resilience Advantage Training (HeartMath)

2017  –  DreamBirth Practitioner Training (SOI)

2015-2018  –  BSc Hons Midwifery, King’s College London

2018  –  Aromatherapy in Labour Training

2018  –  Childhood development consultant


What clients are saying

” Your birth experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and will have a huge impact not only on yours but on your baby’s life as well. She is priceless and so worth it. “


Hypnobirthing teacher, Surrey

” Emily is a person with great integrity & will guide you confidently through the sessions. Through directly tending to the images I was able to interact with the stored subconscious memories & nurture them towards healing. “


Autism Specialist, London

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