About Emily

Midwife & antenatal teacher

Midwife & antenatal teacher


Emily Housman is a Registered Midwife, living and working in East Anglia. Knowing how birth can take many different paths, alongside her work in the NHS, she offers her services as an antenatal teacher to help women prepare themselves better to have more satisfying and empowering experiences in childbirth, no matter what kind of birth they have.

As well as working as an NHS midwife, Emily is a Hypnobirth teacher (Hypnobirth Midwives UK) and Hypopressives trainer (International Hypopressives Council). She has worked for several years in the field of Imagery and trained as an imagery practitioner with Claudia Rosenhouse Raiken becoming the first midwife offering DreamBirth® to women in the UK. She continues to study with Dr Catherine Shainberg, a leading world expert in Imagery (School Of Images, New York). Emily also has degree in Psychology (UCL) and prior to becoming a doula and midwife she did therapeutic work for many years in the field of child development and autism working around the world. Her vision is to support safe & respectful birth for women, to co-create generations of families who are free, conscious and happy.


Transforming the Journey of Childbirth through Imagery

by Dr Catherine Shainberg


”  … An exceptional resource
for nourishing the inner life
of mother and baby. “

Sarah Buckley
(‘Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering’)




Teacher, London

“Our imagery sessions were tailored exactly to what we needed thanks to your gentle but poignant questions which really helped me tune into my body and my babe. You listened so skilfully to me and the baby and merged your intuition with knowledge which was simply phenomenal and has definitely helped us feel positive, prepared and free from fear. I actually felt excited to experience labour!

During the actual birth I believe my partner and I were just in awe with how seamlessly you became part of this very intimate experience. Not only did you remind me of the exercise most suitable for the situation, you were like heaven sent in the difficult moments, bringing warmth, light and your kind smile. You truly made the birth of little Willow an even more beautiful event!”


NHS Programme Manager, West Yorkshire

“Emily is a dream. She helped me immeasurably pre, during and post the birth of my second baby. She spent time with me to understand my hopes and fears surrounding my upcoming birth. She recommended and led me through several very effective visualisations (to do mainly with releasing my anxiety about not being able to focus wholly on my first child anymore, and also envisaging my perfect birth).

I went into labour not long after our final Skype session, and had the most beautiful, powerful homebirth – partly, I’m sure, because this wonderful woman had helped me to release, relax, and remember what my body was capable of. Her messages of support and advice over the following few weeks were also invaluable. Emily is extremely knowledgeable and gentle. Women, men and babies who work with her are very blessed.”


HypnoBirth Teacher, Surrey

“I had an incredible, smooth, calm and magic home birth. A dream came true! I would not have done it without Emily. She is kind, gentle and is so intuitive and knowledgeable. To have her supporting me at my birth was the best decision and choice that I could have made! 

Your birth experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and will have a huge impact not only on yours but on your baby’s life as well.”




Yoga Teacher & Doula, Devon

“I’ve been having regular DreamBirth® one-to-one‘s for the past eight months with Emily. She has supported me to overcome a number of fears relating to a still birth and instrumental birth of my son, now aged three.

I feel a sense of readiness to becoming pregnant again & look forward to continuing to work with Emily throughout my next pregnancy. Emily is professional, sensitive and incredibly skilled in her facilitation of DreamBirth®. She holds a safe vessel to explore profound personal growth & change.”


Gynea Nurse, Norfolk

“As I identified and changed some longstanding beliefs, my attitude not only to parenthood, but to life as a whole has had an overhaul. Emily has helped me understand my potential in the role as a mum, and I am so grateful for the huge injection of life she brought into our family. “


Speech Therapist, Suffolk

“Emily’s passion for the care of woman and their babies shines through her warm and caring nature; she listened well to my needs and provided support that suited our family.”