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Birth Preparation

Be empowered for the arrival of your baby

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If you’re expecting

Prepare for your labour and birth with practical support that is focused on you because everyone has a different vision for how they want their birth be, and how they want to prepare.

Discover about hormones, physiology and birth, how to work with your labour, and how to get the information you need to make informed choices.

Hormones and birth

Deepen your understanding about the physiology of childbirth so you can work with your body whatever birth are hoping for. Learn how you can change your environment to support you better.


Comfort & Coping 

Discover and practice ways to relax and work with your body, including rebozo, positions, breathing and visualisation, as well as knowing the medical options available.

Info and resources

Practical information about having a baby such as breastfeeding & what to take to hospital. Know where to get the information you need so that you can balance up any questions.

For Individuals & Couples

I prefer to meet face to face for there, but if you don’t live locally, get in touch and we can arrange online classes


Prepare your way

Support focused on you

Although there is nothing that can fully prepare you for becoming parents, there are some essentials that will help you become a little more ready for what lies ahead!

Emily worked as a doula before becoming a midwife, and through spending time in various countries she understands how unique every birth truly is. There is no one right way to give birth, but every birth has the potential to be gentle, respectful and empowering.

Whether you are having a complicated pregnancy or a more straightforward one, these classes can help you to get ready in your own way for the arrival of your little one(s).




Due to insurance policies I am unable to offer clinical advice or care in these classes. I offer practical and  emotional support only and signpost you to information you can explore further with your midwife.  Please see your midwife or health practitioner for medical advice and treatment. If you are concerned or have any questions, contact them without delay.