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Online & in-person


Visualisation for pregnancy, birth & parenting to transform your journey from within

Imagery TASTER class

Next: 5th May @ 11am

Imagery to relax and focus
For any stage in pregnancy
1hr Group class online


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Online via Zoom live with Emily

Limited spaces

Group Classes


DreamBirth for Pregnancy

Next: 21st April @ 8pm

Imagery to relax and focus
For any stage in pregnancy
1hr Group class online


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Online via Zoom live with Emily

Limited spaces

Every other Tuesday: 21st April, 5th May, 19th May, 3rd June

DreamBirth for Birth

Next: 22nd April @ 7pm

Imagery for labour & birth
For second or third trimester
1hr Group class online


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Special offer: £15 per class or £49 for 4 classes
Online via Zoom live with Emily
Every other Wednesday: 22nd April, 6th May, 20th May, 3rd June



Private Classes


DreamBirth Private Sessions

Individual focus on your needs
75-minute one-to-one sessions


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– Conception & Fertility
– Losses
– Pregnancy
– Labour & Birth
– Caesarean Birth
– Trauma / Tocophobia
– Adoption
– Early parenting


One-to-one or as couple
Arrange to suit you
Online via Zoom, or in-person if local
Special Offer: £48 per session or £175 for 4
Private session can be booked to do specific Imagery at any stage from conception to parenting if you want
one-to-one support, but may also be suitable if you have a particular focus such as:






HCP Sessions


Imagery for Birth Workers

4th May @ 8pm

Techniques to relax and energise
Group classes online, limited spaces
Monthly 1hr classes
For doulas, midwives and other birth professionals



An evidence-based antenatal course combining education with essential tools, and proven relaxation techniques

Private Courses


Private Hypnobirth Course

For you and your birth partner
Arranged to suit you
Taught by a Registered Midwife


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Start in your second or third trimester
8 hour course, taught over 2-4 sessions
Deposit of £160 at time of booking
Emily offers private in-person Hypnobirth sessions for women and their birth partner in and around her local area (Somerleyton, Suffolk). She will consider online classes in certain circumstances, please get in touch to discuss if this may be possible for you.

Emily is certified with HypnobirthMidwivesUK as a Hypnobirth Practitioner. She is also a certified DreamBirth practitioner with The School of Images.


Emily is a registered Midwife in England, however the services she offers privately on this website are antenatal teaching only. She cannot give medical advice when offering Imagery or Hypnobirth to private clients and by booking a class you agree to this. Please see your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns or need any medical advice. Emily seeks to offer women and families information, education and self-development work.