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The intuitive way to prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenthood used by women and couples across the world

Classes and Sessions

From conception, to birth & beyond

Prepare for your baby using DreamBirth®. Delve into your inner world and be guided by your intuition as you birth and grow your family.

Having a baby offers the perfect time to go inwards and give yourself some self-love, to let go of what don’t need anymore and live the future that’s in line with your higher self.

The exercises have been expertly developed for the different stages from conception and pregnancy, through to birth and beyond. Explore how to connect with your baby, overcome blocks in your way, create new pathways, whilst experiencing elevated emotions and deep relaxation.


Consciously prepare for your pregnancy as you harmonise with yourself and your dream. Be guided to gently move through any blocks or fears and use your intuition to get ready to welcome new life into your family.

Individual Sessions


Gently navigate each trimester using your unique intuition & intelligence. Reduce discomforts and stress and learn to quickly relax and recentre. Connect deeper with yourself and communicate directly with your baby.

Individual & Group Sessions

Labour & Birth

Align your body and mind as you get closer to the birth, and overcome fears or concerns. Learn powerful visualisations to use during labour as you prepare your body and gently rehearse the birth.

Individual & Group Sessions

Postnatal & Bonding

Tune into your baby’s natural rhythm as you bond deeply with your newborn.  Enhance healing and recovery, and increase energy levels as you move through the early postnatal days.

Individual Sessions

Listen to Emily interviewed about the mind-body connection, DreamBirth & the science behind it

by Dr Aumatma | Egg Meets Sperm

Sessions involve short and concise imagery exercises which work to activate the right brain and bypass the logical and judgmental rational left brain.

By seeing the images that the subconscious brings up to your awareness you can dissolve negative beliefs that you are ready to let go of, nourish where you feel depleted, and feel greater wholeness and connection.

“An exceptional resource for nourishing the inner life of mother and baby.”

Dr. Sarah Buckley

Author of 'Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Come along to the next online Taster Session!

Pregnancy & Birth Taster Session

Join the next  monthly group taster class to find out more about  DreamBirth®

Learn Imagery exercises that  you can start doing each day, wherever you are in your pregnancy.


More Details

Sessions are 50 mins

Small interactive  group, via Zoom (link will be sent prior to the class)

Limited spaces

Next one on Thursday 29th August at 7pm

what is Dreambirth®?

A beautiful & dynamic way to prepare for your baby based on intuition & body intelligence

DreamBirth® has been developed specifically for women and couples wishing to deepen their intuition, intelligence and connection with themselves whilst creating and growing their family.

Dr. Catherine Shainberg (PhD), founder of the School of Images & world expert in Imagery, together with a team of birth specialists, created the comprehensive series of visualisation exercises which offers a radical new way for individuals to navigate their journey and transform their experience, whatever their unique set of circumstances are. The book, DreamBirth, Transforming the Journey of Childbirth through Imagery, describes how the age-old language of imagery has been adapted to provide a practical and powerful step by step guide for use in todays modern world.

The method has become a valuable tool for anyone seeking a gentler, easier and more conscious journey from conception, pregnancy, birth and into parenthood. 

Using DreamBirth® to prepare is not about having the perfect birth. Its about what you do with your intuition and inner creative force. Its about bringing more conscious awareness to yourself, your baby, and your dreams.

Focus Sessions

Ease through challenges

Imagery can gently and efficiently help you overcome difficulties by connecting with your body intelligence and intuition. 

Move through specific challenges or situations that life gives you at your own pace, and create experiences that are satisfying and aligned with your inner knowing.

Fertilty & Treatments

Support with fertility problems and if having treatments such as IVF, AI, IUI, egg/sperm donors, or choosing to adopt

Anxiety & Tocophobia

Gently explore any birth fears you may have, or work through a difficult or traumatic experience using imagery

C-Sections & Interventions

Learn protective exercises as you prepare for caesarean sections or anticipate other interventions

Siblings & relationships

Work through common challenges such as family dynamics, relationships, exhaustion & returning to work

It is recommended that with these focus sessions you aim to do at least 3 to 4 sessions so you have time to work with, and integrate the imagery

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