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Frequently asked Questions

What is imagery?

Imagery is the oldest language our bodies understand. When we imagine something, our body responds immediately, like when we think of a sour lemon we salivate, or if we bring to mind a sad memory, we live that emotion again. Our body and mind are intrinsically linked and just imagining an event or emotion has the potential to change what neurotransmitters we produce, which hormones are activated,  how our cells function and ultimately we behave.

When we imagine an experience we can evoke the same parts of the brain and body as if we were actually going through it. Studies show this can lead to improvements in activities & performance, so much so, that top athletes use imagery to hone their skills.

Imagery offers a way to nourish the mind, body and soul, and in transforming your inner world, your outer reality responds. The DreamBirth® imagery exercises have been designed specifically for use in different circumstances at any point from conception to parenting. They are gentle, beautiful and effective at bringing your conscious awareness to where you need to focus.

What does it involve?

You simply need to be sitting comfortably (just ideally not lying down so you don’t fall asleep!). The exercises are usually done with your eyes closed. They usually are just a few minutes long, but sometimes are longer.

Classes are interactive and involve being guided through different exercises depending on the focus of the individual or group. Most exercises are quick as they are designed to bypass the meaning-making rational left brain, and immerse you in the creative right brain.

Classes are mostly taught online via live video so you can join wherever you are from home.

Is imagery easy?

Yes! Some people find it comes easily straightaway, for others it becomes stronger over time. Most people find they are able to quickly use imagery and work with their own images, changing and adjusting what they see within. If you are pregnant, often the hormones can make you dream  and see more which can be helpful.

Can I do Imagery on my own?

Yes absolutely! I encourage all my clients to do imagery by themselves each day. Using imagery is a bit like using a muscle, as you use it more it becomes easier and stronger. There are many DreamBirth® exercises that will help you wherever you are on your journey, and you can use them throughout your day to connect deeper with yourself or your baby, to help you in difficult situations and to help you make decisions. As you remind yourself about how to work with the language of imagery it becomes a lifelong skill to help you in any situation as to create the life you want.

But, I never see things when I imagine!

Thats totally  fine! There are many people who find it very difficult to ‘see things’ using their imagination at first. If you are able to recall a memory of something that happened today, then you are using your imagination already. Imagery can involve using any of your inner senses or just a sense of knowing, its not just visual. But there are ways to help you develop this inner sense so your images become clearer and stronger.

Which session should I book?

Group sessions are available for Pregnancy and Labour & Birth, where you will be guided as a group through different DreamBirth® exercises in a small group of women. The classes are interactive and your will learn exercises that you can do throughout your weeks as you get closer to the birth.

Individual sessions are one-on-one which means that we can go more in depth and at your own pace depending on your circumstances and what your images bring into your awareness.

are there exercises that my partner can use

There are specific exercises that have been designed exclusively for partners. I often work with those who want to be there for their significant other in a way that transcends fear and enables them to provides support that is authentic and in tune with their needs.

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