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“Your birth experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and will have a huge impact not only on yours but on your baby’s life as well.”

– Dariya (Hypnobirth Teacher, Surrey)

An evidence-based antenatal course combining education with essential tools, and proven relaxation techniques

Hypnobirth is an effective and enjoyable way to prepare for labour and birth and is used by thousands of women and their birth partners around the world. Typical courses combines the use of self-hypnosis and other relaxation techniques to prepare you for what’s ahead.

The course that I offer (developed by HypnoBirthMidwivesUK) has the added bonus of being the only evidence-based course available, and is also the only one endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives. It covers a wide range of essential topics and information to help you get ready physically, mentally and practically for the arrival of your baby!

What you will learn on this course


Birth Hormones

Adapting your environment

Physiology of birth

Birth plans

Comfort & Coping

Positive birth mindset

Massage & positions

Relaxing & self-hypnosis

Birth Partner

Tools & techniques

Informed decisions

Your role

Emily is Certified with Hypnobirth Midwives UK.

This is the only Hypnobirth training that is both

evidence-based and endorsed by the Royal College of Midwives.