Visualisation techniques and support to help you relax and focus

For conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond

Are Imagery classes for me?

Trying to conceive

Expecting a baby

Wanting a smoother pregnancy

Planning caesarean or vaginal birth

Already a parent

Imagery visualisation exercises that can be used daily to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy, birth and parenting

DreamBirth® Imagery

A comprehensive series of imagery exercises to support women and couples wherever they are in their journey from conception to parenting

DreamBirth® is a fun, dynamic and often revelatory process,

enabling you to become a more active participant in your experiences

as you nurture yourself and your budding family.

Learn to become more aware and focused by integrating your mind

and intuition and get even more out of your pregnancy and birth.

Imagery visualisation exercises that can be used daily to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy, birth and parenting


I offer group and individual Imagery classes for











What can Imagery do for me?


Focus your mind and body

Overcome blocks or challenges

Pregnancy & Birth

Prepare yourself for birth

Connect with your baby

Early Parenting

Bonding & connection

Be more energised & present

DreamBirth® Imagery

Developed by Dr Catherine Shainberg

Integrates mind, body and heart

Visualisation exercises for everyday

“Emily is professional, sensitive and incredibly skilled in her facilitation of DreamBirth®.”

– Caroline (Devon)

What is Imagery?


Imagery uses short, focused visualisation exercises to look inwards and begin to engage with your subconscious in a new way.

Your body stores memories and information as images. By using the language of images, the rational part of the brain is bypassed so you can tap directly into your subconscious without distractions or judgement.

It quickly becomes possible to see what motivates you and drives your decision making, what blocks you and what makes you unique. Through gently repairing images you can begin to change patterns of thoughts and emotions. 

As you let go of old patterns you make space to integrate new ways of seeing the world and live a life thats more in line with your best self.

Prepare for your little one’s arrival

…. and create the family you dream of

Emily is certified with The School of Images (NYC) as a DreamBirth Practitioner